Borgogno Rivata Bulk Wine in Bag in Box — Red and white in different formats —

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Save money by buying a Bag in Box: quality won’t be affected!

How to buy

You can buy either 25, 40 o 50 liters of bulk wine:

  1. choose the quantity of wine and the size of the Bag in Box
  2. choose the composition of the Bag in Box that suits you


25 liters: 2 x 10 liters BiB + 1 x 5 liters 120.00 €
40 liters: 4 x 10 liters BiB 190.00 €
50 liters: 5 x 10 liters BiB 235.00 €

Red Wine

This red table wine is made with Barbera grapes.

Its color is ruby red; the taste is dry and slightly sour.

Ideal as a wine that accompanies all daily meals and goes particularly well with antipasti made with meat and seasoned cheeses.

White Wine

This white wine is made of a blend of Favorita and Arneis grapes.

Its color is pale straw yellow and it has a delicate and fruityscent. The taste is pleasingsoft and velvety.

Ideal with starters and fish dishes and is great for accompanying aperitifs.

    The Producer

    Borgogno Rivata

    The Borgogno Rivata winery is a young company that produces the typical Langhe and Roero wines. Massimo and Alberto, the owners, dream of a small production representative of the area, but free from the dictates of tradition. Read more


    What’s a Bag in Box?

    A Bag in Box is a bulk wine container, made with plastic material (Bag) for food enclosed inside a cardboard box (Box).

    The bag is filled without taking in any air, while simultaneously you can “spill” the wine from the tap without introducing oxygen.

    In this way, the organoleptic qualities of the wine are preserved for a longer period, thus greatly reducing the risk of oxidation.

    Red Wine

    Basic information

    Product Name: Sotteri
    Vineyard: Barbera
    Denomination: –
    Classification: red wine
    Color: red
    Type: still
    Country / Region: Piedmont / Italy
    Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
    Number of bottles produced: 2,500


    Metodo: pressing, de-stemming and maceration with grape skins for 5-6 days at a temperature between 25-27°C.
    Temperature: 26° C
    Lenght: 6 days
    Malolactic: carried out
    Aging: in stainless steel
    Minimum aging in bottle: 6 months


    % of Grape/Cépage: 100% Barbera
    Soil: medium texture
    Exposure: South-East
    Agricultural method: vertical trellis with guyot pruning
    Year of plantation: 1990
    Type of harvest: manual in wooden crates

    White Wine

    Basic information

    Product name: Piedelmonte
    Vineyard: Favorita and Arneis
    Denomination: –
    Classification: white wine
    Color: white
    Type: still
    Country / Region: Italy, Piedmont
    Alcohol: 12% vol.
    Number of bottles produced: 5,000


    Method: crushed and de-stemmed, macerated cold, soft pressing, fermentation at a controlled temperature.
    Temperature: 20° C
    Lenght: 5 days
    Aging: in stainless steel


    % of Grape/Cépage: Favorita and Arneis
    Soil: medium texture
    Exposure: South-East
    Agricultural method: vertical trellis with guyot pruning
    Year of plantation: 2000
    Type of harvest: manual in wooden crates

    Additional information

    Weight N/A





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    We are very careful about the quality of the packaging, to avoid problems during shipping.

    For the bottles we use packages that are suitable for transport, which keep the contents still. You may receive two different types (both very valid and chosen according to the regulations of the shipping countries):

    • polystyrene structure inside cardboard boxes
    • cardboard structure and boxes

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