If you are interested in selling wine on-line, if you own a restaurant or a small wine shop, then we have a special offer for you.

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What is drop shipping?

A drop shipper is a manufacturer or authorized wholesale distributor who will ship your single item orders directly to your customers. You will put the product pictures on your site at retail and wait for an order.

Once you receive an order you will email or call the drop ship supplier with the customer’s order information and they will in turn ship the product directly to your customer.

Why do I need drop shipping?

If you do NOT plan on carrying inventory or setting up warehouses for your retail business, then drop shipping can be a key part of your business.

How do I benefit from drop shipping?

There are many ways to benefit from drop shipping. Some of the benefits are:

  • You don’t carry any inventory
  • You get to set the retail price at whatever you want to huge profits
  • There are no minimum order requirements
  • You pay the wholesaler only after you receive an order
  • Your supplier packs and ships products directly to your customers.
  • You can spend more time to focus on the marketing and promoting your online store.
  • You can start a business with little risk.

Read more info about drop shipping on on our website or wikipedia, and when you will feel ready:

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