Shop Langhe is an on-line marketplace established with the aim of selling food, wine and alcoholic beverages produced by small and medium size italian companies.

The term Marketplace is not used inapropriately, infact, every purchase is made directly to the producers.

The use of Shop Langhe is therefore restricted to buyers of the U.S.A. and European Union countries (excluding Malta and Cyprus).


All the products in this catalogue are almost exclusively produced in farms where the owners, usually the family members, directly cultivate their land (vineyards and farm land) and subsequently process their agricultural products, turning them into finished products suitable for consumption: wines and food products.

Niche Products

Therefore, this is a very small niche and these products are difficult to find in traditional distribution channels. Almost all these products are indeed produced in such small quantities that they cannot meet the requirements of mass distribution.


Furthermore, as these products are handmade and business’ owners directly control the entire production process (from farm work to the processing of the finished products) employing traditional methods, buyers are offered the opportunity to purchase exclusive goods, which are the quintessence of Italian gastronomic tradition and Life Style.

Direct sale

In addition, through direct sales, producers not only practically eliminate the distribution chain and the related costs, but they also put themselves on the line…

You can get to know them, a combination of knowledge and tradition, dedication and passion for their work, etc…

Producers are there for the buyers, who can turn to them directly whenever they need. These two aspects ensure that buyers always purchase goods of outstanding quality at sustainable cost, in short, a price/quality ratio that cannot be beat.

In addition, many of the farms in the catalogue will welcome you offering both accommodation and tours and tastings. The catalogue will soon be enriched with new offers.

Happy surfing!

About us

Glocal Web Ssrl was founded in 2013 with the objective of providing on-line technological solutions for the promotion and sale of territorial products and services.

LoveLanghe website was created in 1998 as a result of this initial project.

It is managed by Glocal Web – società a responsabilità limitata e semplificata – which specializes in providing technological services for enhancing, promoting and selling both agro-food products and tourist resources. Its aim is to enhance and promote Italy’s wine and food territorial products, particularly abroad.