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  • Bubbles

    A must for conviviality: fresh, drinkable and fine, they prepare the palate for a pre-meal toast.

  • Barolo

    King of wines, it is made from Nebbiolo grapes, grown in the eleven municipalities south-west of Alba.

  • Historical Bottles

    Collectible vintages, for all the wine history enthusiasts out there.

  • Grappe Romano Levi

    Unique and unrepeatable, like the labels, written strictly by hand.

barolo docg

Quintessence of Italian wine production, it is born from Nebbiolo grapes which, grown in the eleven municipalities south-west of Alba and aged for three years in barrels, become Barolo DOCG. Despite the proximity of the production municipalities, the organoleptic differences between the wines produced in the various areas can be significant. This is due not so much to the exposure, but more to the soil which can be clayey, sandy-clayey or mainly sandy. The result is a variety of styles that stand out for their structure, roundness and scents.

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