General Sales Conditions

#1 – Premise

The sale of catalogue products is carried out by the respective wine producers, hereinafter called: Seller/s.

The Italian version of the General Sales Conditions  is the definitive legal version valid for all countries. The translation into other languages is available only for reference.

#2 – Sale

Sales are subject to Italian legislation.

The Seller guarantees that the products sold are in accordance with legislation (in particular, for food, sanitation and hygiene legislation requirements and food safety), and that they do not have any defects and/or are not faulty.

#3 – Technological Support

Glocal Web  – a Limited Liability Company – only provides technological support regarding the management/handling of the catalogue products which are on sale, the typical features of on-line shopping and the payment service between the Buyers and the Sellers.

#4 – Sellers’ Responsibilities

As a result each Seller is solely responsible towards the Buyer specifically with reference to the guarantees outlined in point 2 and under no condition whatsoever can responsibility be attributed to GLOCAL WEB – a Limited Liability Company.

The prducts travel at the seller’s risk and danger.

#5 – Prices

Prices include I.V.A. (Italian VAT) and packaging and they do not include customs duties, manufacturing taxes, excises, etc. where provided for by laws. Therefore, the payment of this charges and the accomplishment of the related formalities are the responsibility of the Buyer

#6 – Billing

Invoices will be issued only if requested at the time of order, indicating the VAT number.

#7 – Delivery and Shipping Costs

Delivery will be  sent to the address indicated by the Customers.

7.1 – Shipping costs for Wines

The following costs (expressed in Euro) will apply for deliveries to the EU zone (excluding Malta and Cyprus) and Extra EU.

EU Zone

kg0 – 22,01 – 55,01 – 66,01 – 88,01 – 1010,01 – 1515,01 – 2020,01 – 2525,01 – 3030,01 – 4040,01 – 50
n. of bottles12 – 45612182430
Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherland, Portugal (no isles), Spagna (no isles)12,54€18,15€12,05€11,37€10,59€13,96€5,85€0€0€0€0€
United Kingdom11,25€16,04€10,09€9,40€7,97€4,09€0€0€0€0€0€
Austria, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden12,68€18,31€12,33€11,52€10,71€16,72€8,81€3,42€13,38€3,36€0€
Czech Rep., Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Hungarya19,23€25,24€19,25€18,50€18,10€23,36€15,86€10,58€23,72€13,94€0€
Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania19,51€27,26€21,38€21,22€22,39€28,90€21,86€17,60€34,87€24,84€5,23€

Extra EU Zone

kg0 – 3,63,61 – 7,27,21 – 14,414,4 – 21,621,56 – 28,828,81 – 3636,01 – 43,243,21 – 50,450,41 – 57,6
n. of bottles1 – 23 – 612182430364248
Japan, Hong Kong84,00€108,00€156,00€194,00€222,00€270,00€288,00€316,00€484,00€
Switzerland, Norway49,00€68,00€106,00€
Australia, Singapore, Taiwan*84,00€108,00€156,00€

*Taiwan (max 6 bottles per shipment)
**Chine (max 2 bottles per shipment)


Low cost delivery

The products are taken from the Sellers and shipped in a single solution.

The shipping charge corresponds to the costs above, with reference to the weight and the sending Country.

Quick delivery

The products are sent individually from the different Sellers directly to the Buyer.

Therefore, the shipping charges are calculates as different purchases, one per Seller, with reference to the weight and the sending Country.

2 bottles, Seller A + 2 bottles, Seller B – tot. 4,8 kg, sent in Spain

Low cost delivery: shipment of a package containing 4 bottles. Tot. shipping charges: € 18,15

Quick delivery: shipment of two different packages (one from each producer). Tot. shipping charges € 36,30

For shipments to USA, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan , Japan, Hong Kong and China is only available Regular shipping, in a single solution.

7.2 – Shipping costs for Cascina Valeggia gourmet products

The delivery of cheese and mixed packages from the Cascina Valeggia Vendor is available only in Italy, Sicily and Sardinia are excluded, at the following rates (expressed in Euro), VAT included:

 0 – 4,99 kg5,00 – 9,99 kg10,00 – 14,99 kg15,00 – 25 kg
Italy (excluding Sicily and Sardinia)18,30 €12,20 €6,10 €0€

7.3 – Shipping costs for Fresh Truffles from Alba Tartufi

Deliveries of Fresh Truffles from the Alba Tartufi Vendor are available for the following countries at the following rates (expressed in Euros) including VAT:

kg (volumetrici)0 – 1,51,51 – 2,52,51 – 3,53,51 – 4,5
Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherland, Portugal (no isles), Spagna (no isles)25,87€31,92€38,14€46,83€
United Kingdom26,92€33,65€39,01€47,65€
Austria, Croatia, Finland, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden27,78€34,37€41,13€50,59€
Czech Rep., Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Hungarya44,95€61,53€76,68€101,35€
Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania45,19€62,27€77,29€101,63€
Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA56,50€56,50€56,50€56,50€

#8 – Combined purchases

When combining the purchase of products (wines, packaged gourmet products, cheeses and truffles), the shipment is made in different packages and, accordingly, at different prices that adhere to the following indications:

  • wines as described at point 7.1
  • packaged gourmet products as described at point 7.2
  • cheeses as described at point 7.3
  • truffles as described at point 7.4

#9 – Delivery times

9.1 – Wines and packaged gourmet products

Shipments are entrusted to UPS (UPS STANDARD service) for the EU area and Mail Boxes for the non-EU area.

The tracking code is communicated to the buyer for the traceability of individual shipments.

Delivery times vary from 2 to 3 working days for Italy, 3 – 6 working days for the EU area (excluding Malta and Cyprus) and 5 to 9 working days for the non-EU area.

With regard to orders on wine bottles produced by different Vendors, the Purchaser can choose between two types of shipment that are both more or less speedy.

Low cost delivery

  • Italy 5 – 8 working days
  • EU 5 – 9 working days

Purchases are picked up by the different Sellers and shipped in a single solution.

Quick delivery

  • Italy 2 – 3 working days
  • EU 3 – 6 working days

Mail Boxes

Extra EU 5 to 9 working days.

Purchases are sent individually by each Seller directly to Buyer.

9.2 – Cascina Valeggia dairy products and cold cuts

f cheese and mixed packages from the Cascina Valeggia Vendor are delivered by express courier, via refrigerated means.

The tracking codes are not available for this type of shipment.

Delivery times vary between 5 and 9 working days.

To ensure proper product storage, shipments are made on the following days of the week: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

9.3 – Fresh Truffles from Alba Tartufi

Fresh Truffles from the Alba Tartufi Vendor are shipped via express courier, in specific packages that guarantee the product’s integrity right up to delivery.

Delivery times vary between 2 and 3 working days for: Italy, EU area (excluding Malta and Cyprus) and non-EU area.

To ensure proper product storage, shipments are made on the following days of the week: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

#10 – Downloadable Products

As far as downloadable products are concerned there are no shipping costs.

#11 – Packing prices

Prices include the specific packaging costs for bottles as well, where required.

#12 – Payment and Delivery

Payment terms and start date of order:

  • Payment terms: via PayPal or advance bank transfer.
  • Orders are effective from: immediately for payments made via PayPal and upon receipt of bank transfer for payments made via bank.

#13 – Right of Withdrawal

According to currentregulations the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase within a period of 14 working days upon receipt of the goods, by giving notice to:

GLOCAL WEB Società Responsabilità Limitata Semplificata
Piazza San Paolo n. 4. – 12051 Alba (CN)- Italy – e-mail:

Except of course the PayPal payment guarantee will apply, should the payment be carried out by PayPal.

#14 – Withdrawal after Delivery

In the event the right of withdrawal, pursuant to the terms set out above, is exercised after receipt of the goods, the Seller reserves the right to directly contact the customer in order to agree to the procedures and timing for picking up the goods.

The costs for returning the goods will be charged to the Buyer. The refund of any payments received will be made net of PayPal fees and shipping costs.

#15 – Other Terms

For matters not covered by these General Conditions of Sale, the September 6, 2005 LEGISLATIVE DECREE n. 206  will apply – Consumer Code in its latest version.

#16 – Guaranteed Purchase

Purchasers have 45 (forty-five) days, from the date of payment, to file a claim and request the refund of any sums paid, via PayPal, Credit Cards or Bank Transfer – for:

  • failure to deliver the goods;
  • goods not complying with the order, subject to Seller’s direct contact so as to agree on timing and manner of collection of the goods.

Refunds of the sums paid will be payable net of PayPal fees, credit or debit card fees and bank transfer fees.