Levi Serafino Amber Grappa — 50% vol. —

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Grappa of the “Wild Woman climbing over the hills”

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi.

From the Langhe, places where the vine has found one of its greatest expressions, come the pomace from the great DOC and DOCG wines of Piedmont.

The resulting Grappa finds an extraordinary and exciting balance derived from tanning in underground pits and a long period of maturation in wood.

Color: deep amber.

Nose: herbaceous with intense notes of wood.

Taste: dry, lingering with long finish of tobacco and fine woods.

Shipment of this grappa includes an elegant wooden box.

    The Producer

    Levi Serafino

    The Levi Distillery continues the tradition created by Romano Levi, the “angelic grappa maker”, producing grappas with the pomace of Piedmontese vines and using the much-loved “Donna Selvatica” on the label. The collection is completed by a selection of digestifs and vermouth. Read more



    This is the grappa of the Distillery’s tradition and history.

    Produced according to the methods and tricks handed down for over a century, it is bottled pure and unaltered after long aging in the same barrel.

    Grape selection

    Nebbiolo da Barbaresco, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba.

    Pomace origin and conservation

    DOC and DOCG vineyards of historic producers in Neive, Barbaresco, Trezzo, Treiso and Alba.

    Locally processed pomace blended according to an ancient recipe of Serafino Levi.

    Characteristics of the still

    Copper pot still, the only direct fire device in the world still being used for distilling Grappa.

    Distillation system

    “Grappa distillata da ignari” (Grappa distilled by unaware people) with the discontinuous method with direct fire and submerged pomace.

    The steam generated from the distillation of pomace, enriched with alcohol-aromatic components, is condensed with subsequent fractional distillation of the phlegm in a copper column with 7 plates.

    This procedure, perfected by Romano Levi and still strictly adhered to, ensures the perfect conservation of the aromatic components, important for the organoleptic characteristics of Grappa.

    Date on which it was placed in wood

    Immediately at the time of distillation.

    Permanence in wood

    Minimum 6 years in small barrels of different woods.

    Certification of aging in wood

    The Master Distiller and the Controller certify that this Grappa Riserva is aged in wood, for the period specified above, before bottling.

    The alcoholic content

    50% vol.

    Additional information

    Weight 2.84 kg



    Bottle 0.7 L


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