Alessandro Rivetto Langhe DOC Nebbiolo — Vintage 2022 —

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This Langhe Nebbiolo comes from a vineyard between Sinio and Serralunga, just outside the “nebbiolo da Barolo” area, but with the same kind of terroir.

This detail could be considered unfortunate, but Alessandro likes to think otherwise and indeed claims that this is the best Nebbiolo you can have on your hands: a ready-to-drink red, but one that can be kept for a decade or so.

Since a Barolo cannot be made from these grapes, the work in the winery focuses on maceration times, which are deliberately shorter than those of its cousin Barolo DOCG Comune di Serralunga d’Alba.

The soaking on the skins lasts about two weeks and sends the vigneron into a bit of a bind, as he has to estimate the right times, playing on the soft tannin, which comes out in the first five days, and the astringent tannin, which comes out later and helps the wine age better, but in this case it should not be excessive.


It is bright ruby red, which tends to fade with age.


Its fragrance is delicate, fruity and reminiscent of raspberry and violet.


It is dry, becoming soft, velvety and of good persistence with aging.

Pairing tips

Alessandro recommends pairing it with an elegant barbecue. You can really indulge: it’s perfect with white meats, with mixed skewers, with fillets. Aim for quality meat and success is assured.

To avoid: appetizers that contain citrus, because, although soft and ready to drink, in the glass you have a tannic wine.

It’s your guy if…

Grilling is a luxury you indulge in year-round and you want to accompany it with the right wine.

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    The Producer

    Alessandro Rivetto

    Three men, three friends, three professionals from different sectors sharing a passion – this is where Alessandro Rivetto’s wines come from. A varied production of all the great Langhe varieties, with Barolo as their crown jewel. Read more


    Basic information

    Product Name: Langhe Nebbiolo
    Cépage: nebbiolo
    Appellation: Langhe Nebbiolo
    Classificaton: DOC
    Color: red
    Type: still
    Country/Region: Piemonte, Italia
    Vintage: 2022
    Alcool percentage: 14% vol
    Sugar rate: <5 g/l
    Number of bottles produced: 30,000

    Vinification (Wine-making)

    Method: after the stalk removal, the must and skins are left in cold contact for 30 hours, after which the fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. The maceration lasts about 15 days.
    Aging: one year in Slavonian oak barrels. In the bottle for several months.
    Minimum aging in bottle: 6 months


    Empty bottle weight: 450 g
    Cork material: oak
    Bottle type: albeisa


    % of Grape / Cépage: 100% nebbiolo
    Soil: calcareous, clay
    Agricultural method: conventional
    Type of harvest: manual
    Geolocation: Sinio and Serralunga d’Alba

    Additional information

    Weight 1.42 kg








    Alcohol content



    Bottle 0.75 L








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