Ghiga 6 Bottles of Ultimo Grappolo White wine — Intense and aromatic Passito —

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White sweet wine obtained by natural fading of the moscato grapes. It has a yellow gold colour with intense aromas of spices.

The Passito(Raisin wine) can be paired in many ways, with anything from cheese to pastries.

Thanks to its liqueur consistency, “Ultimo Grappolo” can also be served as a sweet liqueur drink with low alcohol content. It is excellent for matching with desserts of all kinds and biscuits; goes well with cheese, too, if they it’s not too strong.

This raisin wine can also be used for preparing tasty fruit salads, cakes and “tiramisù”. “Ultimo Grappolo” is a wine for meditation and thought. It’s a great companion for reflecting.

It can be drunk alone while contemplating but also along with joyful company, for example at the end of a meal as a digestive. It should be served preferably at a temperature of 5 – 6 °C.

Historical notes

“Ultimo Grappolo” is an aromatic white raisin wine of moderate alcohol content and excellent structure.

The method of drying grapes to increase the alcohol content probably comes from the island of Pantelleria, native land of the most popular raisin wine in the world. How this technique reached the Piedmont region is unknown.

The only certainty is that in the past, during years with particularly bad weather, the Piedmont wine-makers’ custom was to leave the clusters attached to the vines until they began to wilt; the withering process serves to concentrate the sugars and all the other substances, thus creating a considerable increase in the quality of the product.

Later the wine-makers noticed that, using this technique, they could obtain a very sweet and colorful liqueur-tasting wine, with a pleasant flavor of raisins. This is how the production of raisin wine began and over the years it has grown.

The production of sweet wine in Piedmont is now quite limited because the processing is lengthy and requires meticulous care, furthermore not all vintages are ideal, which is why many manufacturers have chosen not to produce this type of wine.

However, the process of drying grapes has been perfected and continued by some growers, strong-willed men, who manage to obtain excellent products from these aromatic grapes. Products which attain recognition in national and international competitions.

    The Producer


    Enrico and his brother Davide are two young producers who passionately carry on the family business born in the 70s in Castiglione Tinella. This area is renowned for the production of Moscato d’Asti. Read more


    Basic information

    Product  Name: Ultimo Grappolo Vino Passito
    Cépage: white grapes
    : Vino Passito
    : no
    : Piedmont Cuneo
    : 2019
    Alcool percentage
    : 12 %
    Sugar rate
    : 150
    Number of bottles produced: 1000

    Vinification (Wine-making)

    Method: natural fading, after pressing by hand and following vinification in stainless steel tanks
    e: 15 °C
    : one week
    : no
    Aging: no


    Empty bottle weight: 300
    Date of bottling
    : March
    Aging potential
    : 5 years
    Cork size
    : 24×44
    Cork material
    : cork
    Bottle type
    : bordolese


    % of Grape / Cépage: 100% white grapes
    calchy soil
    : south
    Agricultural method
    : sosteinable
    Year of plantation
    : 1990
    Date of harvest
    : October
    Type of harvest
    : manual in box

    Chemical Analysis

    Dry extract [g/l]: 24,5
    Total acidity [g/l of tartaric acid equivalent ]
    : 6,40
    Volatile acidity [g/l acetic acid equivalent]
    : 0,57
    Total SO2 [mg/l]
    : 171
    Free SO2
     [mg/l]: 10

    Additional information

    Weight 8.5 kg



    Bottle 0.5 L



    , , ,

    Alcohol content





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