Dishes and Wines for your Holiday Dinner

Need some inspiration for your holiday menu? Here's a selection of wines to pair with traditional (and not) Christmas and New Year's dishes.


Favorita to be paired with delicate dishes

Dry white wine with a pale yellow color and a floral scent. Its fresh taste and delicate structure accompany refined dishes with elegance. Vegetables and white meat recipes are a perfect match:

veal tuna

jewish artichoke cream

vegetable oil dip

Dolcetto and Dogliani to be paired with dishes that have a distinctive flavor or meat dishes

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Same grape variety, but different terroir for these two wines with a ruby red color tending toward purplish and an intense bouquet with notes of red fruits. The taste is fruity, dry and low in acidity, so we recommend pairing them with simple meat dishes or rather neutral tastes:

☞ Alba raw meat with white truffle shavings

☞ smoked beef with gorgonzola cream

☞ cardoon flan with bagna cauda

☞ fondue with white truffle shavings

Pasta Dishes

Barbera to be paired with rather fatty dishes

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Ruby red, fruity and appetizing aroma. Barbera is rather acidic, but remains a wine of good harmony, with notes reminiscent of blackberry, plum and cherry. Pair it with fatty dishes, it will give harmony to the palate:

☞ agnolotti (ravioli) with roast meat sauce

☞ gnocchi Castelmagno

☞ chickpeas and ribs soup

☞ lasagna

Main Course Dishes

Barolo e barbaresco to be paired with important dishes

These two red wines, close relatives of the Nebbiolo, are of great complexity and characterized by a warm, enveloping and delicately tannic bouquet. Barolo and Barbaresco go well with elaborate meat dishes and game:

☞ braised meat with Barolo and polenta

☞ sausage and lentils

☞ hare civet

☞ braised duck breast with Barolo


Moscato to be paired with sweets

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Sweet aromatic wine with a golden straw-yellow color. The nose is fruity, with hints of honey, white acacia flowers and ripe fruits. In the mouth it is aromatic, sweet and pleasant, but does not lack freshness given by the effervescence. Serve it at 6° C, with:

☞ Panettone (Italian Christmas cake)

☞ Pandoro (Italian Christmas cake)

☞ hazelnut cake with zabaglione

☞ mont blanc

☞ bunet

☞ panna cotta

Passito at the end of a meal: as a digestive or to accompany dried fruit

The very sweet flavor and fortified texture will be perfect to end a Christmas or New Year’s meal. It is good on its own, or accompanied by:

☞ dried fruit (hazelnuts, walnuts, figs …)

☞ nougat

☞ white chocolate

Mixed Bundles

To bring to the table or to put under the Christmas tree!

Christmas bundles perfect for your toasts

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