Truffles and wine pairings

A few tips to toast to truffle, also at home: you don't need to be a great chef to eat and drink like a royal!

Did you know that pairings between truffles and wine actually don’t exist?

Truffles are considered a condiment, so it is important to choose the wine that best suits the dish on which this precious underground mushroom will be grated on.

Here are some suggestions
for a lunch or dinner to suit a king.

Fried eggs

A simple recipe that will enhance the scent of the white truffles from Alba.

Porcini or Ovoli (Caesar’s mushroom) salad

These delicious mushrooms that are ideal for both cooked and raw dishes. To enjoy them at their best along with the white truffles from Alba, we suggest you to eat them in salads.

White risotto

The most simple version of a risotto. A dish with a delicate taste and its heat will enhance the aroma and rich taste of truffles.

Tajarin (fettuccine) with butter

A specialty from the Piedmont cuisine, this pasta is characterized by its subtle layers. It cooks quickly and after seasoning with butter it goes extremely well with truffles.

Fresh Truffles

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Bring on your table
the scent and flavor of the Truffle just gathered.

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Photo Credit: ALEXALA – Tourist Board Alessandria & Monferrato