Vin da Fumra (the lady’s wine)

A selection of wines favored by the female palate, but which anyone is sure to appreciate.

Here are for you the top five wines rated by the female palate. Any occasion is a good one to try them, and we are sure you will appreciate them. You might consider buying a few bottles for Women’s Day, what do you say?

4° Place: Barbera Of Alba or Asti? Differing opinions…

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Although the Asti area, between Tanaro and Tiglione, is considered the magic triangle of Barbera – it is there that the most powerful, structured, acidic and colored Barbera are born -, those of the Cuneo area have particularly marked characteristics of finesse and elegance, and they are softer and less alcoholic. These differences are due to the different types of soil: in the Cuneo area the land is richer in limestone than in the Asti area. Which one do you prefer?