An Electrifying S. Valentine's day

Wine & Food to make oneself desired

Cena romantica

Here are some anecdotes, pairings and ideas for a high-voltage Valentine’s Day!

Chardonnay or riesling + caviar

Pair caviar with these elegant, structured and intense wines.

It was already praised back in Greek times as an aphrodisiac; now it’s up to you to decide just how truthful this legend is.

Favorita + oysters

This wine is dry with a slightly bitter aftertaste and is quite fresh with floral notes. It was given to the favourite damsels in the House of Savoy from the feudal lords of the Roero region.

Oysters are the food of seduction par excellence. It is said to increase one’s libido: its opening is reminiscent of certain activities that we prefer not to mention…

An appetizer that doesn’t require preparation: serve the raw oysters naturally or season with a drop of lemon juice and a sprinkling of pepper.

Metodo classico + shrimps in aurora sauce

It’s well known that wine bubbles seduce by nature. And if it’s the right wine, they will do miracles. Metodo Classico will enchant you with its refined and complex aromas.

Pair it with shrimps, mayonnaise (mus be home-made) and a good red sauce, matched with mustard and Tabasco sauce to make the dish highly stimulating.

A simple recipe that requires very fresh ingredients. The secret to its success? Blanch the prawns for a few seconds and use eggs at room temperature to prepare your mayonnaise.

Barolo + filet in pink salt

Intense and persistent, it will envelop you in a warm embrace and its tannins will awaken your libido.

Accompany the filet in Himalayan pink salt with a pink pepper sauce: it will invigorate the atmosphere.

Prepare the sauce separately, using a knob of quality butter and add it to the meat previously scalded on a plate covered with salt.

Brachetto passito + peaches with amaretti and chocolate

Harmonious and velvety Passito, probable descendant of the “Vinum Acquense” which, as legend has it, was honored to Cleopatra by her lovers to awaken her ardor.

Pair it with a quick and easy dessert that will not disappoint you: the chocolate will awaken serotonin, the hormone of good mood, making you smile.

passito + chocolate mousse

Sweet and delicate dessert wine: its warm colour and intense and aromatic sweetness are perfect if paired with a chocolate mousse.

A seductive spoon dessert, with a velvety consistency that will entice you to look for other softness…

An aphrodisiac dessert that requires a few simple steps. Serve it in single-portion cups and garnish it with some berries.

Aphrodisiac Food

And if in addition to the wines you want to buy some gastronomic product for your candlelit dinner, you can opt for truffle and honey.

Both considered aphrodisiac foods, they are perfect for adding flavour to your recipes.